Historic Lavenham Calling Event - Jethro: The Final Goodnight

Starts in 2 Months, 28 Days

2nd July 2020 7:00 pm

The Lavenham Big Top

Bridge Street Road, Lavenham, Suffolk CO10 9GH

01256 416384

01256 416384

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We are thrilled to announce the “Historic Lavenham Calling Event”.  This is a 4-day series of performances in a unique venue  – a Big Top and will be reserved seating.


Show: Jethro: The Final Goodnight

Venue: Historic Lavenham ‘Big Top’ Theatre, Bridge Street Road, Lavenham, Suffolk CO10 9GH

Date: Thursday, 2nd July 2020

Time: 7.45pm (Doors: 7.00pm)

Jethro- The Final Good Night

For one last time enjoy a memorable evening of hysterical nonsense – take a peek into the circus lurking deep within the mind of probably the greatest comic storyteller ever to grace the stage. Jethro beguiles and befuddles his audience with the endless stream of irreverent twaddle that has created a comedy genius.

Over 4 million DVD sales pay testament to the legion of fans who have followed Jethro faithfully throughout his career. Now, with stories old and new we present, live on stage…


Come and join us in the HISTORIC LAVENHAM MIDSUMMER ‘BIG TOP’ THEATRE – the weather won’t spoil !  Located in the heart of Suffolk.

This Show is Reserved Seating.

Aged 18+ only.

Car Park spaces can be booked in advance. (Fee applies)

All Disabled bookings / enquiries directly through OEP Live! on 01256 416384.